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02 May 2010 @ 11:51 pm
Everything I Know About Life I learned from Doctor Who  
Some taken from the poster of the same name, most I came up with and it is all for your amusement! Enjoy.

- The Adipose Diet is not a good idea.
- Guns don't work against Sontarans.
- Don't blink.
- Beware Bad Wolf.
- A severed hand can be very useful
- Some things just have to happen. To not alow those things to happen would cause worse things to happen.
- Don't hold yourself as an infant.
- Rain falling upwards probably means you're going on an unexpected journey.
- Don't forget your companions!
- Being immortal can give you a big head.
- The Doctor knows what he's doing. Mostly.
- Tin dogs can be very useful.
- Be suspicious if planets go missing.
- Don't leave home without your psychic paper.
- When all else fails, use your sonic screwdriver.
- Raxacoricofallapatorians and vinegar do not mix.
- Some traffic jams really can go on forever.
- Hit the Sontaran in the back of the neck.
- Turn left.
- Whenever there is a shining big red button that should never, ever, under any circumstances, ever be pressed... Press it.
- Beware the Time Lord who is on his last regeneration.
- On Volcano Day be somewhere else.
- There is always something in the pipes.
- Queen Victoria is not amused.
- All monks are masters of martial arts, even Catholic ones.
- If you see a little boy wearing a gas mask, RUN!
- If the television is talking to you, really talking to you, RUN!
- Stay away from the store mannequins.
- Beware of ghosts.
- Just do what the space rhino says.
- Don't vote for Saxon.
- The Heavenly Host is NOT there to serve you.
- Beware the shadows.
- Don't touch the Dalek.
- That ancient wrecked pirate ship rumored to be filled with gold, isn't filled with gold.
- If your ood is happy, then you'll be happy.
- If your ood is unhappy, then you RUN!

and for the 11th Doctor...
- Custard and fish sticks really don't taste that bad together
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Claire: my back pages sevenpsychicvanity on July 27th, 2010 09:03 pm (UTC)
These are truefax. Also, made of win. :D
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